Broccolo & Wopple

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Broccolo & Wopple
Video chat is a great thing. When, in January, my friend Adam was struggling with
the instructions in an old knitting book he had found, we quickly decided that we’d
try to solve the problem together via webcam – with him sitting in the U.S., me in Austria.
Now, I’m a continental knitter, and the book taught English/American knitting. So I
whipped out a pair of needles and some neon-green acrylic yarn, and cast on a small
number of stitches to try my hand at this weird throwing thing (and boy, was I clumsy!).
Once we had solved the immediate knitting crisis, we proceeded to chat about random
stuff, and I just kept knitting (though, admittedly, the continental way!).
So I ask you – what do you do with a piece of neon-green stockinette knitting,
approximately 6x4 cm, and, of course, curling at the edges?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I, for one, have always thought there was
something inherently funny about Broccoli…

Usable as finger puppets, pen cozies (what??), or antenna decoration (if you happen
to be a particularly stylish insect/alien), Broccolo and Wopple, his wormy friend, are
a perfect way of getting rid of brightly coloured leftover yarn, and guaranteed to at
least raise a few eyebrows, and maybe the corners of a mouth or two as well!

Yarn and needle requirements:

Whatever odds and ends of fingering/DK (for apple stalk) weight yarn in the right
colours your stash provides, really.

I used:

Lammy Yarns Baby Soft [100% acrylic; 207 yards/189 m per 50g skein]; colour 070 (neon
green) for Broccolo, and Wopple’s leaf; Hofer Hochwertiges Handstrickgarn [75% wool, 25%
polyamide; 164 yards/150 m per 50g skein] in red, white + dark grey for the apple, the
worm, and the worm’s hole (not to be confused with a wormhole...), and Lana Grossa Numero
Uno [wool; 137 yards/125 per 50g skein]; colour 131 (brown) for the apple stalk. Oh, plus
brown waste yarn for Broccolo’s face.

Short version: Use scraps.

Needle: 2 (3) US #3/3,5 mm straight needles

Gauge: Not really essential, as long as the finished product fits on your finger/pen/
antenna; mine was approximately: 12 sts/17 rows = 4" in stockinette stitch

Cetera: Leftover yarn or cotton as stuffing (Wopple)
1 sewing needle for weaving in ends and sewing on face/eyes(both)

You might need: stitch holder (Wopple)


If you have questions/comments, don't
hesitate to contact me, and I'll
try to get back to you as fast as possible.

Have fun!